Life went crazy for awhile.  Personal things, family things, etc.  But I am back!  W and I went on a mini vacation to the Dallas area this past weekend and it was a lot of fun!  We did some shopping, and ate some good food, but I’m really glad to be back and eating my own stuff now!  Some highlights…

We had these sizzling fajitas (with veggies, chicken & steak) with AMAZING homemade corn tortillas (absolutely nothing like the kind you buy from the store) at La Hacienda Ranch in Dallas.  I ate THREE of these filled with chicken & veggies (I just couldn’t get enough of those corn tortillas!).

For dinner, that night, all I wanted was something healthy and light. I picked out a few items from Whole Foods’ salad bar.  I used to live right next to a Whole Foods (as in, I could step outside my apartment door and two minutes of walking later, I’d be there) and probably spent way too $ there while I did!  I got some kale, black eyed peas, butternuts squash, scallion & cilantro tofu, and portabello mushroom quinoa.  I covered all that you see below with some organic greens (since they don’t weigh much).  I was very happy with this meal!

I also scored some of my favorite cookies from the bulk bins at Whole Foods.  They’re the snappy ginger cookies and I hear they are the same as the triple ginger cookies from Trader Joe’s!  I had a few of these back at the hotel after dinner.

Our last meal in Dallas was at Grimaldi’s!  I had no idea that Grimaldi’s had branches all over US. I’ve been to the “real” one in Brooklyn and while this wasn’t quite the same, it was still awesome and reminded me of eating pizza back on the East Coast (I grew up in the New Haven, CT area so I know my pizza!). I had 2 slices of mushroom pizza.

I happen to have a week and a half off work b/c of the holidays ….. I’m a little sad that it’s already Wednesday and a week of that break is over.  It has gone by so quickly!

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