I’m Carmen.  I started this blog so I could keep myself accountable and share my commitment to healthy living.  I have had a difficult relationship with food and my body for as long as I can remember.  During college, I started extreme dieting.  I was by no means overweight, but I was taking diet pills, over-exercising, and under-eating.  I was given a dose of reality one day when I was running and felt my heart start to palpitate in a strange way.  I couldn’t breathe, and I realized that I was killing myself slowly.  But this didn’t end my issues.  I took better care of myself for awhile, but then started cutting back again.  I would alternate between periods of binge-eating and periods of starvation.  My weight never fluctuated much – I’ve always been what people consider thin, but I’ve never been able to see this in myself.  I’m sick of the cycles and committed to living a balanced lifestyle.  I don’t work out more than 6 times a week and I try to eat to feed my body in a respectful manner, with healthy foods that make me feel good.  I am still learning to listen to my body and learn the cues.  I am working through my inner demons.  I know it will be a long journey, but here’s my way through it.

A few tidbits.  I work for a major public university as a university administrator.  I work with students and love it.  I’m also getting my master’s degree part-time, so life is busy.  I’ve been married for 3.5 years.

Thanks for visiting!


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